Monday, May 31, 2010


Me and my muffin top! :(

So, I know that I have let myself go recently. But WOW!! I just saw some photos taken of me this weekend and my my my! Okay it has got to stop. Even though fatigue is one of my biggest challenges, I know that I can do this. My goal is 30-40 lbs. The chee-itz have got to go!! As I stated before I am trying a new diet made especially for people who have MS. It's the Swank diet. So not so big of a red meat, and watching the saturated and unsaturated fat the I consume. More exercising, I did try P90X but good gosh that work-out kicked my butt. I am going to stick with Yoga and another work out video that I have, plus the bike. If I can get Jeff to go for walks with me, then I will add this into the mix as well.

I refuse to post my weight (at least for now). My goal is listed above and my motivations are our FLORIDA vacation in August and a Wedding in September where I will be a brides maid. I will keep you posted.

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