Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Chapter

Sometimes it is hard to restart, but when the time comes you know it. I have decided to start over with the weight loss plan. I have a dress that I need to fit into before October for a friends wedding. It is not like I have gobs of weight or inches to lose to fit into it, but it is the principle of it. It’s about feeling good about yourself and being able to walk with your head up.

I discovered about a month ago the Anti-Anxiety medication I was on was causing me to gain weight and to not be able to lose it. When I discovered this, I was extremely upset. I had recently started an exercise regime about 2 months ago, P90X. You would think that all the work that was being put into this routine, I would have lost at least 1 pound. I did not lose anything. Nothing. Nada. This was extremely frustrating and caused me to stop. Now that I have been off of the medication for about 2 weeks, I have already dropped 9 pounds!!! Talk about validation and encouragement. So since it is the beginning of the month and I know that I can do this, I will be starting back on P90X and watching what I eat. I am excited about what this new page in my life will be bringing and encourage by the weight lose to know that I can do this.

There are other crossroads in my life I am also working on. It is time to take a look and focus more on getting bills paid off, instead of just walking around with my head in the clouds. It’s also time to purge my life of all the clutter, weather its people or things. I have started distancing myself from the bad vibes and realizing there is no need to be so negative about situations or other people. Also the house purge will begin. I have discovered and decided (realized) that you can’t take anything with you once you are gone, so why do we live our lives for things? Anything that can be sold, will be sold. Anything that can be donated with be donated. Anything that needs to be thrown away will be thrown away. I mean I took a serious, critical look around my house and discovered that I have things that I don’t even like. Why? I asked myself. Why? I believe freeing myself from such clutter will help regenerate my life, my soul.

I am so excited about this new chapter that I am starting and can not wait to begin on my journey!!