Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So, its been a while!

Since Dawn hasnt posted anything in a really long time....  I asked her if she would add me so I could post for her.  For those of you who dont know me.  Im Jeff, Dawns Dear Husband (Or DH as she refers to me on the internet).  This year has been kinda crazy. Dawn's medicine - Betaseron, quit working and she started to have some relapse.  We got with the Dr. and decided to try a different drug - Copaxone. Its veiwed by some as a step down but its one of the few MS drugs she hasnt tried... so why not!  It was crazy actually getting her on it.  We had all sorts of trouble getting it.  After being off medication for about 5 months, we finally got everyone on the same page and the meds started showing up.  Nothing new to report other than that. In this case...  no news is good news!  Until Next time!

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