Saturday, February 9, 2013

That dreaded phone call...

Jeff here.  We haven't done very well at documenting whats been happening. Basically, it's been a no news is good news kinda few months or in the case of the blog..  year!  Health and MS wise, things looked to be going great.  Dawn has focused on her health over the last 6 months and has been feeling great.  She quit smoking (yeah! :) ), started eating better and tracking her food. We both started started working out 3 to 4 times a week and joined a gym. Her energy level has went up, she is much stronger and her over all attitude has been wonderful. She still gets the numbness after a work out but we have accepted that and know it will be there. We had her yearly MRI and check up in January.  We talked to her MS Doctor about the new medications coming out.  I cant tell you which ones or what they are other than its a pill and we wont have to do injections  ( :) )Were excited to give a few of them a try.  They are still very new so we'll be breaking new ground for our office as soon as we get the green light to try one. We discussed how the copaxone has been going.  Over all, we liked the copaxone.  No injection problems.  No viable side affects.

Yesterday, we got the phone call that the MRI and blood work results were back. Blood work looked great.  Most of the deficiencies we were watching are better. One vitamin, B 12, was low but can be adjusted with a another pill easy enough. As far as the MRI, No major changes to the lessons were detected. HOWEVER the brain tumor which was discovered when she was very first diagnosed year and years ago (1-2000 I believe) and has not been active since it was discovered...  is active again.

Were not really sure what that means just yet.  Im sure we will be having a follow up soon. So, look for another blog soon.

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